Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soup Plantation in San Bernardino, CA

Foodie Baby

My Grandma wheeled me down the salad bar in this cool chair that leans back and buckles (I didn't get buckled, haha!) and I got to see all of the food I could eat.
It made me really happy to see my options and anything I expressed excitement about, my mom put it on the plate.
I ate beets for the first time, and they were so good it was the first thing I finished on my plate.
And the only thing, but that's because I filled up on apple juice.


I dig Soup Plantation for having a varied enough menu anyone could be happy eating there.  They have seasonal offerings and if you sign up for the emails you get coupons, which are a good deal.
Soup Plantation and Sweet Tomatoes, I guess, are the same thing, but I've never been in a ST to make sure.
Do they have those in SoCal?
Kids three and under are free, which made Foodie Baby's plate (he hardly ate) completely free. Of course, he got a boxed apple juice, which wasn't (bring a sippy to make it a free meal).
The salad bar has a variety of everything, including kid-friendly pastas, baked potatoes and of course lots of vegetables. This could be a good change to try to sneak something new o a plate and see if they will try it without preparing it at home. A lot of the vegetables are already cut up small, perfect for finger food. (Try stuff like peas, beets and raisins.)
If you had a small one, you could navigate the line by yourself pushing the aforementioned seat with you. With Foodie Baby, I would have been very slow if it had just been the two of us- I was holding up the line just building our two plates! So definitely, try to have a second adult with you to share the load.

I would also suggest not going at peak dining hours- the office desk crowd comes in droves at lunchtime, an early or late lunch would be a better and easier choice.
The staff if helpful, although when its busy it's harder to flag them down. The first time I cam I had someone carry my tray for me (I was holding Foodie Baby) and then go get a highchair for me while I waited at the table.
 again, during the lunch rush it would be hard to get the extra help.
They have very small ice cream cones so a dollop of soft serve in a cone is a special treat! I smear a little on the top- Foodie Baby enjoys eating the cone just as much as the soft-serve vanilla.

ChecklistChanging table in bathroom
Wooden high chairs available, some places could accommodate a stroller
Seating is tables and booths
Kid's pricing for salad bar- under three gets a free meal
Variety of drinks available including juices, milk and a self-serve soda fountain