Saturday, November 27, 2010

Riley's Farm, Oak Glen- Hawk's Head Public House

Foodie Baby
Mommy took me to meet my two good buddies at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen. We went on a Friday, and after listening to some fife and drum songs and playing around the big grass area we all toddled into the big white building, where they had lined up three high chairs at the end of a booth for us.
After we all shared baby puffy snacks, Mommy shared her beef pie (which I ate a lot of) and applesauce. She tried to give me vegetables, but I was only in the mood for carrots that day.
Us three guys also spent a lot of time flirting with the pretty girl at the next booth over.
I think she really liked me.


Hawk's Head Public House is a colonial America-themed restaurant at Riley's Farm. They serve the water and other drinks in metal tankards, and the wait staff are all costumed in colonial garb and talk the same style. The restaurant looks like a barn, and there was someone playing music and singing, it really made a fun atmosphere.
They have separate breakfast and lunch/dinner menus.
Foodie Baby and I shared the Forfar Bridies, which was a beef pie with gravy. It was made with ground beef, which made it easy for Foodie baby to eat.
The applesauce is a little chunky, Foodie Baby loved it. The vegetables were, well, vegetables. He just wasn't feeling the veggies when there was beef pie around. I liked them.
The other mommies had the corn chowder and the chicken pot pie, and both were deemed delicious. I would have let Foodie Baby have bites of any of the three- he doesn't have a hard time chewing chunky stuff, but certainly the chicken pot pie and the beef pie could have been mashed with a fork and he could have spoonfuls of soup, as long as I packed other food for him to eat.
There is also a grilled cheese sandwich for the picky finger-fooder, or as I say, the grilled cheese sandwich connoisseur.
I also packed his own sippy, which was needed since it was tankards for the drinks, they are heavy.
One or two high chairs can fit at the end of a booth, but three was a stretch. one baby had already had lunch, so he just sat and enjoyed the company.
Riley's Farm has apple picking, a colonial-themed gift shop, a bakery, and nice grassy/muddy/depends on the weather places to explore.

The facts-
Call ahead for the weather, check online, and dress warm- Oak Glen is colder than Redlands by a lot.
I suggest getting there early, we had a 25 minute wait on a Friday at lunch.
The Hawk's Head seemed to have at least 4 high chairs (by what I could see in the restaraunt) so make sure to request one when walking in. One of ours did not have a working strap.
There is no changing station in the restaurant. I didn't check the outside bathroom facility for the farm, but since I know there is one at Los Rios Rancho (also a Riley's property, we went there to go explore the lake and take pictures there) I would guess Riley's is equipped as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chick-fil-A in Redlands

Foodie Baby
Chick-fil-A was delicious! Grandma ordered Mommy and I a chicken nugget meal and also a fruit salad. Mommy made sure to chop up my bites of chicken nugget real small, because I love to stuff my mouth when I enjoy a food.
The fruit salad had lots of fruits including grapes and strawberries which mommy sliced up for me to eat (except I stole a big piece of strawberry out of the dish, I loved it that much!)
Mommy let me have a waffle-cut fry and I got to taste her lemonade. She didn't want to give me any more, so I had my sippy of water. Not as tasty, but refreshing.

Inside the front doors at Chick-fil-A there was a bowl full of the disposable stick-on place mats. I didn't see them until we were leaving, so I took one to try later at another restaurant.
It didn't stick well, but was better than nothing. I thought that was a really useful thing for Chick-fil-A to offer and appreciated it, especially since I hadn't seen another stick-on yet eating out with Foodie Baby offered at the restaurant.
I work to give Foodie Baby good nutrition at home, so when we dine I sometimes just let him have what I have. This time, we split a chicken nugget meal.
Chicken nuggets can be tough, so I made sure to cut them up very small. I left the breading on, but you could take it off, I guess.
The waffle-cut fry was pretty soft, not very salty and not greasy, so I let Foodie Baby have at one. I gave him a whole one- he had fun taking bites out of it. It would also be easy to chop one up. I let it cool first, just like I let the nuggets cool.
They make the lemonade every day at the Chick-fil-A, I talked to the manager randomly one day about it, I love the lemonade so much!
The fruit cup would be an excellent menu choice for any tot.
It was actually Foodie Baby's first strawberry, hence him diving for the second one. The fruit cup had (as I remember) grapes, apples, strawberries and mandarin oranges. I cut everything smaller for Foodie Baby except the oranges.
There's a few items on the menu you could give to or share with a little one.
The chargrilled chicken and fruit salad would be easy to share, the garden salad has potential but since the broccoli is raw, I know Foodie Baby wouldn't dig it much. The southwest salad has a black bean and born relish that Foodie Baby would probably enjoy, although I don't know if it is spicy or not.
I could see taking apart the breakfast burrito on the menu to share with Foodie Baby, or even the parfait (vanilla yogurt and strawberries) without the granola (hard to chew for little ones).
Remember, any kid's meal (which comes with nuggets or strips, fries, a drink and 'suprise') can have the fries switched out for a fruit cup.
Plan to eat there often? The 2011 calendar should have coupons in it that are worth more than the cost of the calendar.

The facts- (which I forgot to make notes on, sorry.)
I forgot to check for a changing table in the bathroom. I've taken Foodie Baby there once before, I'm pretty sure I changed him in it.
I didn't count the number of high chairs but saw at least three. They were nice molded plastic seats with wheels on the bottom, which was nice for moving Foodie Baby closer to the table or aimed toward Grandma.
There's a few booths, booth and table mixes and just tables.
There are kid's meal options.

Linkage on blog

I am trying to keep an eye out for useful articles and pages to link to online. Today I found the 'Eat This Not That' article, check that out!
The Kid Meal Deals website is a search tool that shows what restaurants by you have a kids eat free time and day and where they are located.
Food 411 is a food critic's website- if you are looking for something different to try, that can be an option.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plan their dinner ahead and make life easier

Foodie Baby
Mommy often gives me the bread off the table or some snack she packed in my diaper bag when we go out to dinner when she orders off the menu for me.
 I also eat the crayons that everyone gives me. She said she doesn't understand why they think little babies would want crayons, except at Macaroni Grill where everyone get crayons.
Daddy likes to do the puzzles on the kids menu sometimes.
Mommy has never taken me out to Olive Garden to eat, although she talks about it here. I guess she is craving pasta.

The beauty with so many restaurants having online menus is that you can pick the meal that fit's your child's needs the most by going online and researching the menu and nutrition information before going to the restaurant.
There are other ways to plan ahead when eating out. Grab a menu (or have someone hold it for you while you juggle diaper bag and baby) and take a look at what's available while you wait to be seated so you are ready to order for them when the waitress comes to take your drink order.
If there are menus available to take home you can also create a little folder of your favorites to keep somewhere in the house or in the car so you are able to look at them before dining out.
By planning ahead, you already know you want the kids menu's breaded chicken fingers with broccoli at Olive Garden for your two-year-old, or, or decide to share your veggies from the grilled Chicken Spiedini along with a nibble of stuffed mushroom beforehand with your little one.
Studying the menu and seeing the vast amount of chicken and cheese that seems to make up so many kid's menus may have you choose to bring your own food for your child as well, and also means that they are free to eat when they are ready to do so- which may mean the minute they are in the high chair, if they are like Foodie Baby!
I just read through the December/January issue of Parenting Early Years and the article entitled 'Take Your Toddler Anywhere' by author Erin Zammett Ruddy discusses eating out at restaurants with toddlers. In the article it is recommended to order their food as soon as you sit down at the table (and after they are belted in a working highchair, diaper bag stashed away, and all of the forks and knives and plates and glasses out of reach. Or before. Whichever works best.)
I loved that piece of advice and being able to look at a menu online would make that easy.
Other advice- Zammett Ruddy also says to have the hostess clear the table until the food comes to keep children from trying to play with silverware and sugar packets, or to try to keep them entertained with a game (I remember doing I Spy when I was little.) She also quotes "Time for Dinner" author Jenny Rosenthal, who says to go for an early reservation (like before 6 p.m.).

For other tips about eating at restaurants check out 4 more here at

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in Redlands/Calimesa

Foodie Baby
I have been a fan of Gourmet Pizza Shoppe for months! I have eaten there several times with family and friends. When I was small, I just sat in my car seat and listened to everyone talk, especially about how cute I was! Mommy's family knows the owners, and they are very nice friendly people.
The last time I went to Gourmet Pizza Shoppe was on my first birthday. I had many family members and a couple of my toddler friends come with me.
Mommy got an order of green bean fries for everyone to share- everyone loved them! I ate mine mostly without the ranch dressing dip, but a couple, um, accidentally got dipped in. 
Mommy ordered a personal Magra pizza- it has pizza sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and seasonings. While we waited for pizza I ate the green bean fries and the delicious grape tomatoes off of Mommy's salad she sliced for me.
Mommy gave me some crust off the pizza to chew on while it cooled a little-then gave me bites of delicious cheesy vegetables.
For dessert (since it was my birthday) she gave me a bite of the dessert pizza- the Einstein's Glue has peanut butter, marshmallow creme, chocolate chips, graham cracker pieces and jack cheese.
After all that food, we three kids needed a little exercise, so we got off of our high chairs and went running around in a herd around the restaurant, and no one minded!

One of Foodie Baby's little friends was a little late on his birthday, and the kitchen was nice enough to put the remaining green bean fries in the oven for a few minutes to warm them back up for him. He actually loved them so much we asked how they were made- at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe they come frozen then are baked at the restaurant- if anyone wants to try a similar recipe at home try Weelicious' green bean fries recipe (and let me know, I haven't made them yet!) All three toddlers inhaled them.
The menu at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe is incredibly varied, and now has been expanded to include whole wheat crust, vegan cheeses and 'crustless' pizzas. if there are any food allergies let them know when ordering, since there are ingredients in the pizzas that aren't listed.
On the first and second Fridays of every month there are a group of barbershop singers that come and have lunch and sing at the Calimesa (first Friday) and Redlands (second Friday) locations. I would recommend getting there at 11:30 or so to get a good table- the singers at the Redlands location usually at the long table in the middle of the restaurant and may take requests- they know a couple Disney songs and could sing Happy Birthday as well.
The three toddlers also got to be as loud as they wanted (which wasn't too loud) and ran around the restaraunt afterwards to release some of the pent-up high chair-induced energy. The remaining patrons and the staff had no problems with them, even though repeated attempts to enter the kitchen (entrance to the left of the soda fountain) were made, and one was successful.
Some facts:
There were three high chairs available at the Redlands location- perfect for our little party. I don't know how many are at the Calimesa location, although I know they are there as well.
There is no changing table at either location as of the last time I was at them- I just went to the car.
There are a few booths, mostly tables.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am Foodie Baby- a 1-year-old baby who loves to eat out as well as at home with Mommy and Daddy. I am an adventurous eater that rarely says no to anything.
My mommy and I will be writing about our eating out adventures. I will talk about what I ate and what I did.
Mommy will talk about the service and all of the other important details- was there a working belt on the high chair? Was there a changing station? What did the kids menu look like?
My Mommy and I started this blog after multiple conversations and experiences with other parents and babies about what our kids eat when going out.
This blog will be from our experiences, so if any baby readers have allergies or food aversions, we may not be able to help you make decisions about dining out.
We also will try to give advice on going out- hints and products that may help make your restaurant dining experience easier- and share what we find online about dining out.
As I, Foodie baby like to say- May your bib be dirty and your tummy full!