Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in Redlands/Calimesa

Foodie Baby
I have been a fan of Gourmet Pizza Shoppe for months! I have eaten there several times with family and friends. When I was small, I just sat in my car seat and listened to everyone talk, especially about how cute I was! Mommy's family knows the owners, and they are very nice friendly people.
The last time I went to Gourmet Pizza Shoppe was on my first birthday. I had many family members and a couple of my toddler friends come with me.
Mommy got an order of green bean fries for everyone to share- everyone loved them! I ate mine mostly without the ranch dressing dip, but a couple, um, accidentally got dipped in. 
Mommy ordered a personal Magra pizza- it has pizza sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and seasonings. While we waited for pizza I ate the green bean fries and the delicious grape tomatoes off of Mommy's salad she sliced for me.
Mommy gave me some crust off the pizza to chew on while it cooled a little-then gave me bites of delicious cheesy vegetables.
For dessert (since it was my birthday) she gave me a bite of the dessert pizza- the Einstein's Glue has peanut butter, marshmallow creme, chocolate chips, graham cracker pieces and jack cheese.
After all that food, we three kids needed a little exercise, so we got off of our high chairs and went running around in a herd around the restaurant, and no one minded!

One of Foodie Baby's little friends was a little late on his birthday, and the kitchen was nice enough to put the remaining green bean fries in the oven for a few minutes to warm them back up for him. He actually loved them so much we asked how they were made- at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe they come frozen then are baked at the restaurant- if anyone wants to try a similar recipe at home try Weelicious' green bean fries recipe (and let me know, I haven't made them yet!) All three toddlers inhaled them.
The menu at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe is incredibly varied, and now has been expanded to include whole wheat crust, vegan cheeses and 'crustless' pizzas. if there are any food allergies let them know when ordering, since there are ingredients in the pizzas that aren't listed.
On the first and second Fridays of every month there are a group of barbershop singers that come and have lunch and sing at the Calimesa (first Friday) and Redlands (second Friday) locations. I would recommend getting there at 11:30 or so to get a good table- the singers at the Redlands location usually at the long table in the middle of the restaurant and may take requests- they know a couple Disney songs and could sing Happy Birthday as well.
The three toddlers also got to be as loud as they wanted (which wasn't too loud) and ran around the restaraunt afterwards to release some of the pent-up high chair-induced energy. The remaining patrons and the staff had no problems with them, even though repeated attempts to enter the kitchen (entrance to the left of the soda fountain) were made, and one was successful.
Some facts:
There were three high chairs available at the Redlands location- perfect for our little party. I don't know how many are at the Calimesa location, although I know they are there as well.
There is no changing table at either location as of the last time I was at them- I just went to the car.
There are a few booths, mostly tables.

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