Saturday, November 27, 2010

Riley's Farm, Oak Glen- Hawk's Head Public House

Foodie Baby
Mommy took me to meet my two good buddies at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen. We went on a Friday, and after listening to some fife and drum songs and playing around the big grass area we all toddled into the big white building, where they had lined up three high chairs at the end of a booth for us.
After we all shared baby puffy snacks, Mommy shared her beef pie (which I ate a lot of) and applesauce. She tried to give me vegetables, but I was only in the mood for carrots that day.
Us three guys also spent a lot of time flirting with the pretty girl at the next booth over.
I think she really liked me.


Hawk's Head Public House is a colonial America-themed restaurant at Riley's Farm. They serve the water and other drinks in metal tankards, and the wait staff are all costumed in colonial garb and talk the same style. The restaurant looks like a barn, and there was someone playing music and singing, it really made a fun atmosphere.
They have separate breakfast and lunch/dinner menus.
Foodie Baby and I shared the Forfar Bridies, which was a beef pie with gravy. It was made with ground beef, which made it easy for Foodie baby to eat.
The applesauce is a little chunky, Foodie Baby loved it. The vegetables were, well, vegetables. He just wasn't feeling the veggies when there was beef pie around. I liked them.
The other mommies had the corn chowder and the chicken pot pie, and both were deemed delicious. I would have let Foodie Baby have bites of any of the three- he doesn't have a hard time chewing chunky stuff, but certainly the chicken pot pie and the beef pie could have been mashed with a fork and he could have spoonfuls of soup, as long as I packed other food for him to eat.
There is also a grilled cheese sandwich for the picky finger-fooder, or as I say, the grilled cheese sandwich connoisseur.
I also packed his own sippy, which was needed since it was tankards for the drinks, they are heavy.
One or two high chairs can fit at the end of a booth, but three was a stretch. one baby had already had lunch, so he just sat and enjoyed the company.
Riley's Farm has apple picking, a colonial-themed gift shop, a bakery, and nice grassy/muddy/depends on the weather places to explore.

The facts-
Call ahead for the weather, check online, and dress warm- Oak Glen is colder than Redlands by a lot.
I suggest getting there early, we had a 25 minute wait on a Friday at lunch.
The Hawk's Head seemed to have at least 4 high chairs (by what I could see in the restaraunt) so make sure to request one when walking in. One of ours did not have a working strap.
There is no changing station in the restaurant. I didn't check the outside bathroom facility for the farm, but since I know there is one at Los Rios Rancho (also a Riley's property, we went there to go explore the lake and take pictures there) I would guess Riley's is equipped as well.

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  1. They now have a changing table inside the "Hawks Head", in the ladies bathroom. :-)