Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Every time we go out, I have with me... the essentials

Foodie Baby
Mommy always has a big red bag with me when we go out. I like it, probably because Daddy picked it out. It's a Diaper Dude messenger bag. I've learned to unzip it a little, which makes it fun to dig for treasure inside.

 Since I am an unorganized person, I end up repacking the diaper bag often before we go out on an adventure.
I have a small mental checklist that I go through for restaurants and other outings in general- certainly, based on who the bag is being packed for would change things.
Here are the absolute, must have, always bring basics for restaurants for Foodie Baby.


  More for just a tush, wipes can wipe off an extremely messy face, a hand that has inadvertently gone in the mashed potatoes, or wipe off a table quickly. Or your hand after dealing with a messy baby.

  For sure. yes, they give you cups at some restaurants, but not all restaurants have them. That, and they have lids and when cups get thrown, the lid flies off and water splashes. Usually on me. You can make it special and have the waiter put water in the sippy- Foodie Baby loves to get water with ice. Or you can pre-pack it with something else, but sometimes they leak in the bag for me.

-Snack or Meal
  Whether a bottle of formula or milk, a pack of little graham crackers, a pouch of pureed fruit/ vegetable or a banana, I always have something extra for a hungry or fidgety baby, or when the menu is sparse with stuff I can feed Foodie Baby.

-Baby spoons and/or forks
  Because babies love to throw things, and it's easier to pick up the three plastic ones you packed than ask the waiter repeatedly for a new spoon. Also, if they are self-feeding, an utensil meant for them will be easier.

Yeah, so some restaurants love to give crayons and menus to babies. But that isn't going to entertain them. A toy designated for restaurant visits or even a bath book (just wipe off food afterwards!) or two will help keep a wiggly baby occupied while you wolf down your food. Or, like me, getting the other half to go.

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