Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Panera Bread in Redlands

Foodie Baby

Mommy always orders me a grilled cheese sandwich. Usually there's an older lady somewhere around that comments on how cute I am. Usually we sit by where the line is and I can see all the pretty girls come in. And then they see me!
I love this place.


Panera Bread is a staple for eating out with my grandma or other family members. There are parts of the restaurant where a stroller might fit pulled up to a table, but I've never tried it.
I've eaten here both with family and just Foodie Baby and I. just the two of us was definitely and adventure, but this restaurant makes it pretty easy.
If it is an outing for you and your little one(s) on your own, I recommend ordering your food and then asking for a high chair to be brought to your table (if you came before the rush, you should be able to find one) and I bet they would be willing to get your drink for you if you ordered one. After you are seated, it can be hard to get help unless you catch someone delivering an order, but everyone has always been helpful when I go there.
If you're with other people, it would probably be easier to first pick out the table and get the high chair set up (there are several over by the bathrooms, past the soda fountain) and then order while the other adult is entertaining.
The grilled cheese sandwich on the kids menu is the best one we've seen out. Usually toasted just right (you could always ask for a light toast if you're worried about it being too crunchy) and it's only made with bread and cheese, no butter on the outside to get little hands messy.

They come with (as labeled on the menu) an organic yogurt, but the Spongebob Squarepants- themed yogurt we got with our first sandwich was bubblegum flavored and not something I was not interested in getting Foodie Baby (it was a while ago, but I don't remember it saying organic yogurt on the tube).
 Ask for options if you want to give them the yogurt (which comes in a tube) or have the yogurt replaced with an apple. They will slice the apple if requested into thin slices- they were perfect for Foodie Baby.
Beverages do not come with the meals. Juice boxes are available to purchase, including apple and orange juice (so you may want to pack a sippy cup).
Note: You can also have your bread on the side replaced with an apple or the whole-wheat bread version as well as with potato chips. Check the sides menu on the far left for options.
The kids menu also has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a deli sandwich option and the macaroni and cheese (all come with the yogurt unless you change it). Foodie Baby has had bites of my mac n' cheese, which is heavenly calorie-laden goodness
I've only sat down for lunch, but there are some really good breakfast options on the menu for breakfast on their bakery menu. I'm all about their bagels, we get a few to go and eat them at home with some cream cheese sometimes. A toddler might be able to eat some of the souffle or a parfait, but the sandwiches come on bagels which would be hard to chew. There are also muffin tops and other pastries available.
There are also fruit cups available that look pretty
good and smoothies (I've never had either).


Changing table in the women's bathroom
High chairs available
Strollers could be accommodated outside or inside by the main entrance
Kid's menu items
Juice available to purchase


  1. I would leave the granola off the parfait for small kids as it is quite crisp and chokable