Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jamba Juice- Citrus Plaza, Redlands

Foodie Baby

Mommy shared some yummy oatmeal and spoonfuls of cold fruity stuff with me and Grandma the other day.We sat outside and Mommy let me try sitting in a chair by myself, it was fun!
There was water, but Mommy wouldn't let me get in.

Instead of my usual Starbucks at Citrus Plaza, I walked just a few feet farther to Jamba Juice, somewhere I went to every day the first few weeks I knew I was pregnant (the only thing I could keep down. Yeah, there's a reason I couldn't look at it for a long time!)
There are a couple places to sit inside, but with the easy opening to behind the counter, it was easier to wait and then sit outside on the patio near the fountain.
The good thing about the patio is there is always someone killing time there willing to compliment a cute kid/dog/etc. Especially if he holding hands and walking between Mommy and Grandma.
Jamba Juice's menu includes light smoothies (that include a dairy base and Splenda) ones made with sherbet or frozen yogurt as the base, and all fruit, made with fruit and fruit juice.
They no longer have my pregnancy standby, the Strawberry Surfrider, but the pre-'boosted' Strawberry Energizer sounds similar.
Foodie Baby and I ordered a small Peach Perfection, an all-fruit smoothie made with peach juice and apple-strawberry fruit juice blends, frozen mangoes, peaches and strawberries. (Note: smoothies are an easy way to get fruit down a teething kid, they're cold, easily made with frozen fruit and goes in a sippy!).
I also ordered a berry cherry pecan oatmeal , made with steel cut oats and soy milk with dried cherries, cranberries, and blueberries, pecans and a brown sugar crumble forming a nice thick layer on top of the oatmeal. They usually are $2.95, but I was pleasantly surprised that ordering one with a smoothie only made it $1.
Horror of horrors, I did not have my diaper bag on me. Grandma had Alex for a while and the bag was still in her car, so I grabbed an extra spoon when I got the food.
I really recommend bringing your own- the Jamba Juice spoons are very wide, Foodie Baby had to take small bites. I really recommend trying to bring a spoon anyway, take out spoons can be a little sharp on the edges and could cut a little one's mouth if they shove it in right. I've done it as an adult.
I gave Foodie Baby bites of smoothie and oatmeal- I pushed the toppings to the side and gave him some of the oatmeal with a little sugar with it. I also recommend that you request just the oatmeal and have them put the toppings on the side so you can put in the amount of sugar and fruit you would want them to have as well.
The fountain outside has a very low edge and spouts that shoot water right below them- I had to be sure I was right by Foodie Baby when we went to explore the fountain, he was trying to climb in (he really loves water). So either keep them in a stroller for safe keeping or be prepared to chase them down three feet from the water.
On a really cold day you could split an oatmeal and a hot drink- I've never tried the hot drinks there but they have hot chocolate, green and black teas, chai teas, coffee and a variety of Mighty Leaf teas.
There are also sandwiches, yogurt parfaits and other options on the menu, I could see pulling part of a salad aside for a toddler or sharing bites of non-granola'd yogurt parfait.
There are no high chairs available.
The bathroom for the area is between Jamba Juice and Starbucks- I didn't look in to check the status of the changing station, but I believe there is a one in there.

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