Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hickory Ranch Steakhouse and Sports Bar in Yucaipa

Foodie Baby
Last time I came here, the waiter asked if I would like a beer. I smiled. In other words, yes.
Every time he came back I pointed and reminded him with a point and a "ba".
He never brought my beer.
I don't know why Mommy, Daddy and Nana thought it was so funny.

Hickory Ranch is another restaurant I've had a long faithful relationship with. Even when they took the mud pie off the menu, I carried on.
Hickory Ranch is a western-themed restaurant that serves lunch and dinner (and breakfast on Saturdays.) It is one of the few restaurants where everyone in my party will get a steak to their linking, every time. They also have delicious honey fried chicken.
The last time we ventured there was after picking up my grandma from the Palm Springs airport.
We got our usual waiter Victor, who we adore and recommend (all of the waiters there are really good though! never had a bad one.)
I always get the Hickory Ranch (baseball-cut) steak, because I'm a rare-steak girl.
And that's why I don't share with Foodie Baby (my husband always gets his stuff well-done, so he gives little bites to him).
I buy a side of steamed vegetables for Foodie Baby and cut them up small for him. When he first started eating finger foods he demolished a plate of them. I usually share part of my baked potato with him has well.
They also have a yam as an option, order the topping on the side and mash it up with as much or little topping or butter as desired. II have been there a couple times where Foodie Baby has been the 'loud' kid in the restaurant (he once had quite a conversation on his toy cell phone) and all it takes is a smile from the wait staff to distract him.
They're also good about not putting food directly in front of him, which I always watch for in restaurants.
They do have kids menus and crayons available, although the options are not listed online. They offer kid's drinks as well, with a lid and a straw.
A grilled cheese sandwich or quesadilla can be a good choice, and mac n' cheese or a piece of rotisserie chicken would also go over well with Foodie Baby. Add to that a side of vegetables, corn (Foodie Baby loves to gnaw on corn on the cob) a baked potato or yam or even fries as a treat.
The restaurant is mostly booths.
When we ate there Victor told us that their high chairs (standard wood ones) had just been maintained.
There is a changing station in the women's bathroom.

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