Monday, December 6, 2010

Diaper bag snack stashes and the famous literary characters that inspire them


Foodie Baby and I recently took a break from a playdate to skip over to Taco Bell with Foodie Baby's friend and his mommy. While Foodie Baby snacked on the crackers I packed and some taco fixings, his buddy was offered some food kept in the diaper bag.
Mary Poppins must have online courses on diaper bag packing.
She had a regular-sized quilted diaper bag, and like Mary Poppin's carpet bag, the amount of food packed inside defied the size of the bag that contained it.

His mommy pulled out:
Revolution Foods Jammie Sammy snacks in strawberry and peanut butter and blueberries and oatmeal
Revolution Foods Grammy Sammy snacks in graham cracker and vanilla yogurt
Sun Rype Squiggles
Gerber Yogurt Melts in strawberry and in peach
Veggie straws snacks in a snack cup
Pepperidge Farms Goldfish crackers in a snack cup
Assorted dried fruit in a snack cup
Gerber Lil' Crunchies in cheese flavor
Plum Baby Super Puffs in super greens and super reds
Fortune cookies

Foodie Baby's friend got a sippy of water and went through the snacks in the bag a full round before he started to make his selections (He's a little older and communicates 'no' well). He is both a bottomless pit and a little picky about what he is in the mood to eat.
I made her email me the list, I was so impressed. Along with the regular items I try to keep in Foodie Baby's bag, It find it hard to pack more than a couple snacks unless I am packing a meal for him knowing we are eating out. She keeps a variety of snacks like that in her bag at all times!
I saw a couple of foods I liked and will be trying with Foodie baby as part of our snack rotation.
I found it a little inspiring to be so prepared and organized, and along with my recent purchase of a snack cup (we were way behind the times on that one) I am also aspiring to keep a regular stash of snacks in Foodie Boy's diaper bag.

I'd like to hear-
What snack is a regular staple in your diaper bag?
Do you always keep snacks in there or only as needed?

P.S. Yes, Mary Poppins is a famous Disney character (I love me some Julie Andrews) but she was first in a series of books.
In fact, most Disney movies were based on books. I've read several, including the Jungle Book (and other stories by Rudyard Kipling, The Fox and the Hound, and Bambi, a Life in the Woods.
Try reading the book version of your favorite movie!

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  1. My big kids are 13, 11, 7 & almost 4, so they are past the age of needing snacks on demand. My little one is a tiny nursling, so we just put a few diapers, wipes & change of clothes in my purse.

    Soon enough, we'll be back into the snack packing. We did a lot of Goldfish, dried fruits, packages of apple slices, and Gerber-type snacks. It seems like the toddler snack stuff has improved a lot :)