Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chick-fil-A in Redlands

Foodie Baby
Chick-fil-A was delicious! Grandma ordered Mommy and I a chicken nugget meal and also a fruit salad. Mommy made sure to chop up my bites of chicken nugget real small, because I love to stuff my mouth when I enjoy a food.
The fruit salad had lots of fruits including grapes and strawberries which mommy sliced up for me to eat (except I stole a big piece of strawberry out of the dish, I loved it that much!)
Mommy let me have a waffle-cut fry and I got to taste her lemonade. She didn't want to give me any more, so I had my sippy of water. Not as tasty, but refreshing.

Inside the front doors at Chick-fil-A there was a bowl full of the disposable stick-on place mats. I didn't see them until we were leaving, so I took one to try later at another restaurant.
It didn't stick well, but was better than nothing. I thought that was a really useful thing for Chick-fil-A to offer and appreciated it, especially since I hadn't seen another stick-on yet eating out with Foodie Baby offered at the restaurant.
I work to give Foodie Baby good nutrition at home, so when we dine I sometimes just let him have what I have. This time, we split a chicken nugget meal.
Chicken nuggets can be tough, so I made sure to cut them up very small. I left the breading on, but you could take it off, I guess.
The waffle-cut fry was pretty soft, not very salty and not greasy, so I let Foodie Baby have at one. I gave him a whole one- he had fun taking bites out of it. It would also be easy to chop one up. I let it cool first, just like I let the nuggets cool.
They make the lemonade every day at the Chick-fil-A, I talked to the manager randomly one day about it, I love the lemonade so much!
The fruit cup would be an excellent menu choice for any tot.
It was actually Foodie Baby's first strawberry, hence him diving for the second one. The fruit cup had (as I remember) grapes, apples, strawberries and mandarin oranges. I cut everything smaller for Foodie Baby except the oranges.
There's a few items on the menu you could give to or share with a little one.
The chargrilled chicken and fruit salad would be easy to share, the garden salad has potential but since the broccoli is raw, I know Foodie Baby wouldn't dig it much. The southwest salad has a black bean and born relish that Foodie Baby would probably enjoy, although I don't know if it is spicy or not.
I could see taking apart the breakfast burrito on the menu to share with Foodie Baby, or even the parfait (vanilla yogurt and strawberries) without the granola (hard to chew for little ones).
Remember, any kid's meal (which comes with nuggets or strips, fries, a drink and 'suprise') can have the fries switched out for a fruit cup.
Plan to eat there often? The 2011 calendar should have coupons in it that are worth more than the cost of the calendar.

The facts- (which I forgot to make notes on, sorry.)
I forgot to check for a changing table in the bathroom. I've taken Foodie Baby there once before, I'm pretty sure I changed him in it.
I didn't count the number of high chairs but saw at least three. They were nice molded plastic seats with wheels on the bottom, which was nice for moving Foodie Baby closer to the table or aimed toward Grandma.
There's a few booths, booth and table mixes and just tables.
There are kid's meal options.

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