Thursday, January 20, 2011

Benjarong Thai Cuisine in Redlands

Foodie Baby

There are fish on the wall here that I like to look at here. Last time we ate here was with my Uncle Patrick and Auntie Nicole. I wore my tuxedo for the special occasion (OK, it was a one piece onesie outfit thing but anyway, I decided to dress up for the occasion) and got bites of everything. Usually a lot of rice falls on the floor here! They are very nice about the mess I leave behind. I'm hooked on Thai tea now because Daddy gave me a sip last time.


Benjarong Thai Cuisine is the other Thai restaurant my family frequents on a regular basis. I've never eaten here for their lunch special, but several times for dinner served family style.
There is outdoor seating available (with heaters for the chillier weather right now, and I've seen live musicians on a weekend before playing) But I've always opted to sit indoors.
I would recommend calling ahead to accommodate a high chair- the last time we walked in and the hungry Foodie Baby was sequestered to a corner of the table besides Daddy (with just enough room for part of his mat to be laid on the table).
Again, since I am a yellow curry fan, Foodie baby has eaten that several times over rice. However, as he has grown, he has stepped up to have a variety of menu items on his plate crab fried rice, phad Thai, a nibble of panang, sweet and sour fish, cashew chicken or whatever else the group order.
It is always a carefully organized event to have all of us eating, since everyone orders a dish and then we all eat 'family style' sharing the platters while putting the servings on a plate in front of us. So we lose any storage space for the platters when Foodie Baby is there because anything he is not allowed to put his hands in cannot be put in front of him. So, an infant or toddler that is very grabby might not be a good addition to a family style meal.
As I've said before, Family style is a great way to expand a palate. I always pack a snack for Foodie Baby for after we sit down.
For an appetizer or a meal for a smaller kid, the peanut satay is good- chicken skewed and served with a peanut sauce to dip. For the less adventurous eaters, there is cashew chicken, beef broccoli, orange chicken- all delicious versions of take out Chinese staples, along with fried rice.
I've never tried ordering just steamed veggies here, since we have a variety of food at dinner time, but offering some veggies if you are eating a lunch or just a item or two could be very useful.
Phad Thai or phad see ewe are delicious noodle dishes I've eaten (although a glimpse on Yelp has someone recommending the drunken noodles).
And of course, a Thai tea and ice cream (again, I'm a huge purple yam fan, and so is Foodie Baby).
I've always had good service here too. When we ate here for my dad's birthday, the owner brought out a small dish of grapes for Foodie Baby to go along with his curry and sweet and sour fish (he had been charming her all night).
There are a couple fish aquariums on the wall, and a long glass wall aiming northward toward Redlands Blvd, so a seat by one of those might help entertain a wiggly toddler.
Seating is a mix of tables and booth seats on some walls.

No changing table
Stroller seating could be accommodated outside
Seating is mostly tables
Wooden high chairs available
No kid's menu
Milk, juice and sodas available

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