Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How do you leave the table?

Foodie Baby

Sometimes the waiters leave the bill near me, so I grab it.
Everyone thinks its funny, but really, I'd pay.
Don't even have an allowance though, so I'd have to hit up Daddy for a few bucks.


Eating out with a messy little one leaves me feeling more considerate for the poor bus boy that has to come clean up the aftermath than pre-baby.
Pieces of crayon bitten off and spit out.
Chicken, Cheerios and pieces of broccoli on the floor.
Ice cream dripped along the table along with the splashed of water from a jubilant sippy shake. Plates stacked in an effort to keep them out of greedy hands who would otherwise throw the contents at the elderly couple sitting nearby.

How do you deal with the aftermath of a meal out with your baby or toddler?
Do you attempt to clean up under the high chair?
Do you shake out the chair cover in the restaurant or outside in the parking lot?
Do you bus the table, wiping up water and food before grabbing the diaper bag and bill?
Or do you just leave the table as is and tip a couple bucks more?

Personally, I try to straighten up a little, although I learned not to worry about under the high chair from overly-nice waiters dashing to offer help or stop me from trying to keep mashed Cheerios from their carpet.
Unless the table looks like a couple of adults ate there, I always up the tip a bit more. Especially when they've gone out of their way to get more juice, cut the chicken into manageable bites for my son, or even making sure they don't place food directly in front of him make me appreciative of their service.

So hello and welcome! to my newest readers and a question- what do you leave behind when you go out to eat?
Please answer below in the comments!


  1. We eat out a lot and the messy eating is only getting worse as Jake gets older. Now, he is very vocal and loud restaurants are higher on our list of favorites. I tip more...no doubt! Tonight I tried to do all of the above, keep everything out of his reach, requested special foods (wheat rolls, shredded cheese, etc.), and had a myriad of food (olives, puffs, wheat bread, and shredded cheese) under the chair. I attempted to pick up some of the food on the floor...there was so much!!! I tip more!! I must admit, I am fairly frustrated with wait staff and servers that are not cognizant of the risks and vulnerabilities of placing dishes of hot and otherwise foods and drinks within his reach. Come on!! Anyway...I tip more. It's only fair!

  2. I love this line " Plates stacked in an effort to keep them out of greedy hands who would otherwise throw the contents at the elderly couple sitting nearby." It totally sounds like my daughter.. She just has this look when she's looking to get in trouble and I can picture her making that face then doing that.. We are always pushing things out of her reach which gets harder to do the older she gets. She hastes sitting in the high chair and we've tried boosters but she likes to rock back in forth to make herself fall over... Sometimes ( almost all the time) eating out with her is much more of a job then staying at home and cooking a gourmet meal!!