Monday, February 21, 2011

Coffee coffee coffee

Foodie Baby

Now that I am all grown up and stuff, Mommy has taken me to a few coffee shops to enjoy ourselves for a few minutes.
Last time we went to the farmer's market, we sat at a coffee shop nearby. We split a banana muffin, and then I enjoyed a song from the guy talking about his girlfriend and making up a sad song.
It seems like a lot of grown up songs are sad ones about love.
We have a favorite lady at a drive thru that always talks to me when we get something during errands or on the way to a playdate- I make sure to wave and say bye when we go (of course, I say bye to the speaker that we order at, just to be sure I don't offend anyone.)


When I'm off to a play date or running errands and am dying for a treat, I drive through the Yucaipa Starbucks (by the Yucaipa Boulevard freeway entrance) the most.
Foodie Baby often gets a Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouch to enjoy in the car if we're in the middle of errands.
By the Saturday Morning farmer's market there are several good coffee shops. The one in the Citibank building (forgive me for forgetting the name at the moment) has a delicious coffee with vanilla and honey. Augie's is also right on 5th Street right by the market. Foodie Baby and I have shared a fruit salad, banana nut muffin, or a cookie several times (it's also my fave latte around.)
Coffee shops are also a special treat for Foodie baby for a couple of reasons. First, he gets to sit in an adult chair. He is always happy to sit in a real chair anywhere, of course.
Secondly, people walking into a coffee shop and sitting down are usually there for a while. Therefore, Foodie Baby gets a lot of attention by sitting there and looking cute from retired people enjoying a mid-morning chat, college girls ready to ooh and aah over a cute kid flirting with them, or whatever musician is sitting with a guitar and loves an audience of one that will clap gleefully.
Unfortunately, it can be a hassle unpacking a toddler and going into a shop, especially when they would rather run around and pound on the glass display cases or try to go outside than sit and eat a treat. So I don't get to enjoy sitting at a coffee shop often, but when I do it's a real treat for both Foodie Baby and I.

Do you go to coffee shops? What's your favorite treat? Any favorite local shops?

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  1. I love me my coffee so does My Hubby so we have indulged in a few shops around here FREQUENTLY... Augie's Honey Cinnamon Latte it the best thing ever!!