Tuesday, March 1, 2011

paying homage to bath books at dinnertime

Foodie Baby

I love my bath books
every time the same pictures
keep me company


Bath books
the wipe able, washable
three-page ccompanions
entertain one just able to hold a book
What a bright cover!
One old enough to look inside
familiar faces smile back
Who am I?
What color am I?
He laughs along at silent jokes
and throws you on the floor
but even then
covered in marinara
smeared with beans
they keep a loved him happy

(Note: The small waterproof bath books I see sometimes in the dollar section at Target fit well in Foodie baby's diaper bag. They were in there constantly from a couple months of age till well over a year. He has Sesame Street and Disney Cars ones and he loves to look at the characters. Sometimes we leave him to look on his own, sometimes we ask him questions about the pages (although he mostly just points and says 'da' still But if you ask where Elmo is he points at him!).
They're perfect because you can use baby wipes or a napkin to clean them up before throwing them back in the bag, and it doesn't matter if the get dirty at the table.

Have you tried them?

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