Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of course you want a kid to eat for free! It's FREE.

One of the bigger changes for us dining out is the expanded bill at the end of the night. Not only dropping extra on a tip for the mess of food you leave behind, but the extra money for the side of kids meal for your little toddler to munch on.
A quick Google search produced several websites devoted to telling you where to get a deal of a child's meal, as well as several deal sites that had a section on eating out.
Since some sites have different offering than others, I am listing several! hopefully one will be helpful, or at least inspire you to look for deals in your neighborhood.
And please call to confirm- this is not a definitive resource for deals, just a guide to what I have seen.
The first web site I encountered a few months ago was Kids Meal Deals, where the listings for Redlands show restaurants like-
Denny's, (kids eat free 4-10 pm select days. The Alabama Street Denny's locations has free meals Tuesdays and Saturdays, I called to verify)
Coco's (Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 4 p.m.)
Marie Callender's (Tuesdays and Saturdays).
Mikan Teppan Sushi Lounge was a surprise to me- two kids eat for free when you buy one adult teppan meal on Wednesdays 5-10 pm. (teppanyaki is a style of cooking- this deal would be for an older child and not toddlers.)
My Kids Eat Free lists the same offers and also does not list the days for the Denny's meal (so I would recommend calling your local one if you like Denny's. Personally, not my fave.)
I found two web sites that have coupon or frugal themes that also had restaurant information.
I also recommend to look at not just your local area but restaurants you eat out at when you go out of town shopping or on errands.
The Coupon Divas website has a chart of chain restaurants according to which day of the week.
I discovered some of my favorite burgers have free kids meals on accident, Islands (this is again a call-ahead restaurant. The website has a list of conformed locations here you can use as a guide.
Not all websites cover every area. For example, a search by zip of 92373 at Kids Eat For sent me to a calendar graphic with restaurant links and a note whether kids 'eat free' or 'eat cheap' for the Riverside area (so not a Riverside zip code.)
Frugal Living has a list that includes commentary on the kid's menu's for restaurants, again all chains.
Have you eaten at a kid's eat free restaurant day? Tell us what it was like!

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