Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foodie Baby's Mexican tip

Foodie Baby

Growing up, my mommy always mixed up her beans and rice when eating Mexican food. Her friend, who had a Mexican family, teased her for eating it the wrong way. She didn't care- she though beans and rice were delicious together.
I do too! She always mixes my beans and rice for me so I can scoop it all up in my spoon. Yum!


 As long as your child can handle the refried beans and rice they serve, mixing them together makes it easier to eat both.
I've also been to restaurants that serve blank beans and different kinds of rice- I say mash the black beans up and mix them in!
Always taste test if your little one is sensitive to spices- I've been surprised at the spiciness of some rice being served! But putting in beans also helps with that as well.
Beans, rice and cheese can also be scooped in a tortilla to make a little burrito if someone is having fajitas as well.

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