Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cuca's in Redlands/Mentone

Foodie Baby

The first time I went to Cuca's, Mommy and Daddy were hungry and desparate for some good food. I cried in my seat so much they had to change their order to go.
The next time was great- I had an enchilada and loved it!
Then there was the time I feel asleep over my quesadilla and Daddy had to eat with one arm because his shoulder was sooo comfortable, and the time I left some artwork on the wall.
Last time they ate at Cuca's, they left me home.


Cuca's in Mentone is the second of a now chain of restaurants that began with the walk-up location on State Street in Redlands.
Nearby Redlands High School used to have open campus for lunch and that place would be crazy busy from the students running over there to snag a burrito.
My closest location is in the Stater Bros. shopping center on the corner of Lugonia/Mentone Blvd and Wabash.
Everyone I know calls it the Mentone Stater Bros. and the Mentone Cuca's even though it's technically across the street from Mentone.

The menu is your typical Mexican place for around here... refried beans and rice for sides, sopes, taquitos, tacos and burritos.
We've taken Foodie Baby several times.
They bring you a dish of tortilla chips and salsa for while you wait- we let Foodie baby have a taste of the salsa since he was begging for it- it can get pretty hot, so he's usually fine with a tortilla chip to nibble on.
I invariably get a huge dollop of salsa that is spicy and then remember there are no drinks yet, so I usually wait till I have a beverage before digging in just in case.

The kid's meals are $5.49 and include a side of beans and rice of fries. You can order a taco, quesadilla, bean and cheese burrito, hamburger, enchilada or chicken strips. I ordered an apple juice with Foodie Baby's quesadilla, which he promptly fell asleep over.
He enjoyed it for lunch the next day.

I also have ordered off of the sides menu for Foodie Baby. An enchilada, side of beans or other options can be just the right amount of food for a toddler, especially once that isn't very hungry. His cheese enchilada was dollars cheaper than a kid's meal he would not have finished, and I had water besides.
A more beginning eater could just enjoy some of the beans and rice off of your plate.
Kids eat for free on Mondays at Cuca's- one kid meal per adult entree. The kid's menu also comes with a 50% off coupon for a kid's meal when an adult entree is bought so you can also find a deal on your next visit there.

Cuca's has multiple locations, including the walk-up on State Street and a new one at the shopping center on the corner of California Street and Barton Road in Loma Linda.

One note of advice- skip looking at the website for actual menu information and just try a location (addresses are found on the website). I couldn't find any information on stuff I had actually eaten there.

No changing table
Wooden high chairs available
Seating is booths and tables, a small stroller might be accommodated in select areas
Kids menu
Kids drinks includes fountain drinks and apple juice

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