Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A horror story for a child in a white shirt.

You've ordered the food, and sip on an iced tea while a wiggly someone played with a toy brought from home.
Stood up and retrieved the toy from under the next table over, only slightly embarrassed because it's happened before.
Someone has grabbed a knife, thrown a crayon.

The elderly couple next to you smile and wave your little one, the waitress compliments them.
You give them bread to nibble, or a Mum-Mum cracker to entertain them just a little while longer.

The food comes.
You're hungry.
You fight the urge to pick up your own fork and begin organizing your child's meal. Cut it into smaller bites, pull out an applesauce and spoon.

One thing is missing.

Silly, we forgot the bib, you say.
You reach down into your bag, and...

There's no bib.

What do you do?

We've all been in this scenario... have you found a way to work it?
Ask for extra napkins and use them to create a temporary fortress, hoping to protect the shirt from the carnage of a meal?
Do you have a special way to fold it so it doesn't bother your little one?
Or do you just deem that shirt a casualty of the dinner war?
Turn a shirt around?
Maybe you luckily have a bib in the car?
Another shirt?

1 comment:

  1. We've forgotten bibs before. I usually attempt the napkin in the shirt, then just let my baby get a little messy. :)