Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Spaghetti Factory in Redlands

Foodie Baby

Wow, they have a great ceiling here. It has fans AND lights. It's amazing.


Being a veteran of the Old Spaghetti Factory in Riverside, it took me forever to make it to Redlands'. It was a group outing this time with Mommy, Daddy, Foodie Baby and a set of grandparents.
I live for the cherry Italian sodas there. The best ever. I have a small collection of the glasses that come with it.

The restaurant is spacious with enough noise to cover a happy toddler, but not one who has found out they slightly echo when they cheer. We sat right by the trolley, which Foodie Baby didn't really notice till we were leaving.  He did try to watch a basketball game while we were seated. He likes to cheer. For anything, really.

The kid's menu comes folded with a set of crackers, crayons and a wipe inside, perfect for an antsy toddler with a taste for coloring (or at least crayons). Foodie Baby got the crackers instantly.
Spaghetti Factory was named Parents Magazine's 10 best family restaurants in 2008.
The waitress was considerate of the toddler, who was put on a table that seated 4 people (somehow, still enough room even though he, Daddy and I should have been bumping elbows- the tables are nice and roomy).

The kid's menu includes several versions of spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, ravioli, mac n' cheese, and the perennial grilled cheese sandwich. Meals come with salad or applesauce and a dessert and a beverage for $5.25.

Spaghetti Factory also offers whole what pasta and a gluten-fee menu that includes kid's items.
Foodie Baby got applesauce as his first course, and devoured it.
This was Foodie Baby's first forage in pasta aside from at home (namely, because red sauce is so messy!). I ordered him a spaghetti with meat sauce and left it in their hands for the amount of sauce, which was just the same as I put on his spaghetti at home. The pasta was uncut, so I tried to attack it with a knife to make it smaller pieces.
The big heavy bowl had cute child-friendly decorations on it.
The spaghetti is a portion meant for an older child- I took home almost all of it, since Foodie Baby wasn't very hungry and filled up on said applesauce and crackers. What he did eat, he ate with his fingers.

Foodie Baby didn't even finish the spumoni that came with his dinner (other choices include vanilla ice cream or. a juice bar) though he grew quite excited at the tiny scoop of chocolate, pistachio and cherry ice cream in the small bowl (same size as we adults got with our meal).
My marinara-covered spaghetti with a meatball side was good, but the meatballs might be too spicy for a little one to nibble on.

The Old Spaghetti Factory has a kid's club that allows a free kids meal on their birthday.
The Redlands location also offers call-ahead seating- call after 5, up to an hour before you plan on dining, to find out the wait time and put your name on the list. Perfect for having to plan for a child that is fine one minute, starving and crying the next.

Changing table in bathroom
Wooden high chairs available
Seating is booths and tables, leave stroller behind
Kids menu
Kids drinks includes fountain drinks, apple juice and milk

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