Friday, May 13, 2011

Fork, spork, spoon... moon?

Foodie Baby

Have you SEEN the size of those forks at restaurants? Yeah.
My buddy Noah likes to use them... not me. They're all big and pokey. Mommy usually brings utensils for me to use since the ones at restaurants are so big.
Sometimes they are pink. Sooo embarrassing.


I always have a spoon and fork in Foodie Baby's diaper bag. Regular-sized forks poke the sides of his mouth and when we are out and I want to take any opportunity to get him to use a utensil (lasagna is not exactly finger food.)
I bought Foodie Baby a set much like this- wide plastic utensils in a variety of colors- in the dollar section at Target.
If you are bringing food, hopefully you are remembering utensils to go with that food (a spoon for a jar of baby food or to eat mashed potatoes and applesauce).

I'm kind of in love with this spork(?) a fork on one side, a spoon on the other.

But I also see the down sides. a spoonful of applesauce could quickly be blindsided by some green beans and wham! your little ones is flinging food all over trying to use their utensil.

My personal favorite is one that was a first birthday gift (and currently lost) Instead of being wide and dull, they are like small versions of normal silverware. Since they are narrow, Foodie Baby doesn't stab his mouth (although he has poked a friend trying to feed them!) The closest I could find it this.

I also pack extra ones often for when Foodie Baby throws it on the floor!

The question for you- what utensils do you keep in the diaper bag? Why did you pick them?

And why do they make (dull) knives for babies?

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