Sunday, May 8, 2011

Famous Dave's in Redlands

Foodie Baby

I am passionate about ketchup right now. Famous Dave's had it. I was happy!
This was the first time where I remember Mommy and Daddy's fingers getting as messy as mine. In fact, I think Mommy got even more messy than I did- she had ribs and squirted a whole lot of sauce to dip them in.


Famous Dave's is a messy, messy place to eat, especially if you are like me and order ribs every time (with the sweet and zesty sauce, please).
They have a whole roll of paper towels (aka napkins) on the table.
My first recommendation, if you don't already carry wipes in your bag all of the time, is to walk over to the to-go ordering and grab a handful of the little wipes.
Every once in a while I replenish my diaper-bag stash. I love the lemony scent.
Leave the stroller behind- the rooms are mostly booths with tables in the center.
The rooms are bright and the tablecloths red-checkered. Foodie Baby was entertained every time someone came by cheering "Feast! Feast!" (If you order a 'feast' they announce it as they bring it.)
The kid's menu ranges from about $4-5 and includes a roasted or bbq piece of chicken, chicken tenders, chopped pork sandwich, mac n' cheese, burger or cheeseburger, rib dinner or mini corn dogs.
Sides include potato salad, coleslaw (has a kick to it) fries, baked beans, dunkin' apples (so good) broccoli, garlic red-skin mashed potatoes, or carrots and celery.
I took and hid his dessert, a package of two Oreo cookies, before he could demand to eat those first. He enjoyed them later at home, having found them in his accidentally-not-zipped diaper bag.
We ordered the mini corn dogs thinking Foodie Baby, who had demolished a hot dog at an Angels game, would love it. Instead, he tore off the breading, leaving some sad little dogs behind, and dipped them and his french fries onto ketchup (in the barbecue sauce tray).
He also ate a hunk of Daddy's Dr. Pepper Glaze-On Brisket (part of a spacial going on now that also has blackberry sauce'd ribs and lettuce wraps).
When we went, the restaurant was pleasantly busy but our food took longer than anyone had expected. Our lovely waitress showed up unexpectedly with some hand-made potato chips, which kept Foodie Baby occupied until his meal came.
Adult meals can offer a lot, including a corn on the cob and cornbread muffin, so take those in mind when thinking of a meal for a little one- a little cornbread and broccoli could make enough of a meal for someone eating finger foods.
If someone has a birthday, let them know! I die for the praline-topped ice cream.
Also, they have a date once a year where anyone named Dave (David, etc) get a free meal, among other deals, and have a birthday sign-up.

Have I mentioned Famous Dave's carries sweet tea?

Changing table in bathroom
Wooden high chairs available
Seating is tables and booths
Kids menu available
Drinks include, cranberry, orange or pineapple juice, milk or fountain drink

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  1. This sounds like a great place to visit if living in the area.