Sunday, May 15, 2011

What WON'T you feed your kid?

Usually on this blog I talk about options on this blog that kid will eat- the not-as-messy options, the sneaky a la carte options, the perennial grilled cheese that is everyone's favorite.
But there is a trend on many kid's menus, including the ones mentioned here. I've talked about my philosophy before here, that going out is a treat and Foodie Baby can have whatever he (or Daddy or another family member) wants to offer him, within reason. 
But with certainty, many restaurant kid's menu's offer fried, breaded, sugary options that may not be the same healthy options tried to serve at home.
I'm not going to say it is wrong for restaurants to offer these, and I'm not going to say that every restaurant offers a bad option) or a few.
The question today is,

Is there anything you will not allow your child to order?

We're not talking allergies, that is a completely different matter.

We're talking the meals or options you won't let your toddler eat when out.

Perhaps you won't let them have juice, only milk or water. Perhaps no fries? Perhaps no butter on the grilled cheese (a personal favorite, we'll talk about that some other time).

Let's talk. What is on the forbidden menu?

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